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Pokhara from Bharatpur

Roshan Mainali 2023-11-09 09-11

Wings to Wonders: Explore Pokhara from Bharatpur with Buddha Air – Book Now on MyTripary!

Embark on an extraordinary journey from the heart of Chitwan, Bharatpur, to the enchanting city of Pokhara with Buddha Air. Your gateway to the best deals and seamless travel experiences, Buddha Air ensures you not only reach your destination but embark on an adventure that transcends the ordinary. Book your flight now on MyTripary for the cheapest and best fares available!

1. Buddha Air – Your Travel Partner:

  • Best Deals Guaranteed: Enjoy the best deals for your travel, providing you with the cheapest and most competitive fares available.
  • Daily Flights from Bharatpur to Pokhara: With daily flights, your travel plans become flexible, allowing you to choose a schedule that suits your preferences.
  • Convenient Timings: Operating daily, our flights depart from Bharatpur Airport at 11:25 am and arrive in Pokhara at 11:45 pm, ensuring a timely and efficient journey.
  • Swift and Scenic Route: Experience a swift flight duration of just 20 minutes, connecting you from the wildlife haven of Bharatpur to the picturesque landscapes of Pokhara.

2. Discover Pokhara – A Retreat for Mind and Body:

  • Paragliding Delights: Soar through the skies of Pokhara with exhilarating paragliding adventures, capturing panoramic views of the Annapurna Range.
  • Boating Bliss: Experience serenity on the pristine waters of Phewa Lake with a relaxing boat ride, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Pokhara.
  • Hot Air Balloon Adventure: Elevate your senses with a hot air balloon ride, offering a unique perspective of Pokhara’s landscapes.

3. Bharatpur’s Wildlife and Cultural Riches:

  • Wildlife Exploration in Sauraha: Immerse yourself in the wildlife wonders of Nepal in Sauraha, exploring the renowned Chitwan National Park.
  • Tharu Village Experience: Visit Tharu Village, where the indigenous Tharu community welcomes you to experience their vibrant culture and traditions.

4. Flight Details:

  • Daily 1 flight from Bharatpur to Pokhara.
  • Departure Time: 11:25 am | Arrival Time: 11:45 pm.
  • Flight Duration: 20 minutes.

5. Book Your Flight Now on MyTripary:

  • Secure your flight tickets now at the lowest fares available, making your journey from Bharatpur to Pokhara a seamless and affordable experience.

6. Explore More:

  • Get information about things to do and the best places to visit in both Bharatpur and Pokhara.
  • Visit our ‘Where We Fly’ travel guide on MyTripary for more travel inspirations and discover the wonders that await you on your journey.

Elevate your travel experience with Buddha Air and uncover the wonders of Pokhara from the cultural heart of Bharatpur. Book your flight now on MyTripary and let the adventure unfold! ✈️🌄🏞️