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Roshan Mainali 2023-11-06 02-11

Shree Airlines | The Best Domestic Airlines in Nepal

Shree Airlines Pvt. Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence in Nepal’s aviation sector. Established in 1999, this airline, originally known as Air Ananya, has transformed from a humble beginning into a dominant player in the domestic aviation landscape. Named after the owner’s granddaughter, Air Ananya laid the foundation for what would become Shree Airlines, a name synonymous with reliability, safety, and exceptional service.

Leading the Way in Helicopter Services

Shree Airlines is renowned for its unparalleled helicopter services, being the largest operator of Mi-17 helicopters in South-East Asia. The airline’s impressive fleet also includes the advanced AS 350 B3e helicopters, catering to a wide range of needs from passenger transport to specialized cargo missions. This extensive fleet enables Shree Airlines to offer chartered helicopter services that are unmatched in the region, ensuring timely and efficient transport solutions.

Certified Safety and Global Recognition

Safety is paramount at Shree Airlines, a fact underscored by its inclusion on the United Nations and World Food Program list of approved vendors. This prestigious certification follows a rigorous inspection and audit process, affirming that Shree Airlines meets the highest safety standards. As the only airline from Nepal and all of South and South-East Asia to receive this endorsement, Shree Airlines is a trusted partner for international organizations requiring safe and reliable air transport.

Expanding Horizons

Beyond its robust helicopter operations, Shree Airlines has expanded its services to include fixed-wing aircraft, providing scheduled domestic flights across Nepal. This strategic expansion allows Shree Airlines to connect key cities and remote areas, fostering regional development and enhancing accessibility for travelers.

Commitment to Excellence

Shree Airlines’ commitment to excellence extends beyond its fleet and safety standards. The airline is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, with a focus on comfort, convenience, and service. Whether flying for business, leisure, or emergency services, passengers can rely on Shree Airlines for a seamless and enjoyable journey.


As Nepal’s premier domestic airline, Shree Airlines continues to set the benchmark for aviation services in the region. With a legacy of safety, a modern and versatile fleet, and a customer-centric approach, Shree Airlines is the preferred choice for air travel in Nepal. Experience the best in aviation with Shree Airlines, where every flight is a testament to our commitment to safety, service, and excellence.

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