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Winter trip to Nepal

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Winter trip to Nepal

Winter, I think is a unity of great beauty and power. It is pure magic with cool, crisp air outside and snuggling up in a warm bed with your loved ones. Staying inside, sheltered from the wind, families come together making food, playing games and comforting each other.

One can best appreciate all the natural beauty of Winter by being outside, properly dressed, of course. The cold air caressing across your face, making the cheeks and nose pink like garden-fresh daisies. Winter provides a feast to the senses. You can see, feel, and even – sometimes hear winter. The cold enveloping you, the mystic fog, surrounding voices transport you to a world of feelings. Going out for a hike and then coming home, shucking off all your gear and sitting down before a fire with a warm drink while watching and listening to your favorite music is very comforting.

It is also one of the best times to travel to Nepal. Booking a trip away will allow you to reflect on another year gone by and get ready for the excitement of what a fresh start the new year can bring. Being in such a naturally beautiful place among the highest mountains of the world will be an unforgettable experience.

Nepal with its clear, sunny skies and mild temperature in many places should perhaps make you consider coming to Nepal in winters. Nepalese climate varies enormously between the Terai, the mid-hills, and the high Himalayas. The average daily temperature from the mountains to Terai is 17 degrees to 12 degrees with Kathmandu having 10C (51F), Pokhara having 12C (55F), Everest Basecamp having minus 7.2C(19F) and Chitwan having 23C (74F). The mountainous northern side is colder and the terai side is warmer in the winters.